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The Legal Management Assistant provides administrative support within the legal departments of Cofinimmo. He/she will be working for the Legal department for the German, Spanish and Dutch markets.


  • The Legal Management Assistant provides administrative support within the legal departments of Cofinimmo.
  • He/she will be working for the Legal department for the German, Spanish and Dutch markets.



  • General administrative support for the Legal Department
  • Registration of the department members at seminars
  • Organisation of internal and external meetings and presentations
  • Travel management (without travel agency)
  • Writing minutes of the legal department meetings
  • Writing of proxies
  • Electronic filing system (CofiDocs): recording and indexing of documents
  • Request for quotation of legal fees from lawyers, creation and follow-up of purchase orders, goods receipts (MIGO) and invoices
  • Expense accounts follow-up
  • Team Legal mailbox follow-up (with second indexing et insert in virtual folders)
  • Legal Support mailbox: dispatching of the questions and follow-up of the handling by the legal advisors in an Excel file
  • Agendas follow-up
  • Centralisation of incoming phone calls
  • Creation of outgoing mail (letters) in the Mail It Application (Cofishare)
  • Transmission of information to the other departments
  • General filing and archiving
  • Translation and proofreading
  • Update of templates
  • Creation, update and closing of Extranet data rooms

Legal Support

  • Search for and collection of documents in the Electronic filing system (Cofidocs) to help legal advisors during acquisition/sales processes
  • Litigations management:
    • Pre-litigations: weekly follow-up of the payment deadlines agreed upon by the Property Managers and tenants
    • Litigations: transmission of legal documents to our lawyer, fact finding, follow-up of the proceeding and payment deadlines, periodic transmission of statement of accounts and invoices to our lawyer, maintaining of the database, extraction of reports, scanning of the litigations with the accounting team every 6 weeks
  • Contract management (Echéancier Invest) : screen contracts and record deadlines in an Access file; yearly reporting to the legal advisers for action
  • Update of the Excel table ‘Tableau des actes’ (from the signing of private deeds to the signing of acts and payment of the registration duties)
  • Administration support of insurance contracts: interface with broker: request for insurance certificates and further explanations on policies upon other departments’ demand; communication on acquisitions and sales; internally: check and pre-approval of invoices, update of the survey of our policies and premium amounts + check of the annual statement of account for the premiums of the current year after addition and withdrawal of sites further to acquisitions and sales + summary of the on-going insurance policies and premium amounts in Germany (requires understanding of German)
  • For the purpose of the quarterly accounting closings, mailing to our lawyers to have their not yet invoiced fees to make accounting provisions. Integration of the amounts in a summarizing Excel file.
  • For the purpose of Deloitte’s audit, yearly mailing to our lawyers to have their assessment of any pending litigation, claim or liability which might influence the financial statements or the result of the operations of our companies. Integration of their assessments into our claims database.
  • Dealing with Deloitte’s questions further to their reception of the lawyers’ confirmation and concerning claims and insurances.


General knowledge

  • Detailed knowledge of the languages NL, FR, ENG: oral and written
  • Office automation knowledge MS OFFICE: Word / Excel / PowerPoint/Access
  • Assertiveness, Control of emotions, Planning and organisation
  • Respect of others (empathy and ability to listen), Respect of procedures
  • Adherence to the firm and its values: creativity, team spirit, rigorousness (sense of responsibility and precision)

Specific skills

  • Priority and time management
  • IT training
  • Interpretation of trends in legislation and preparation of notes on its impact

Behavioural skills

  • Analysis and problem-solving :
    Analytical skills,ability to synthesise, initiative
  • Personal effectiveness :
    Intellectual curiosity
  • Human relations :
    Communication, sense of service

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