The goals of our sustainability strategy are:

  1. to contribute to a well-planned urban development to improve the citizens' and, in particular, the tenants' living environment by promoting socially sustainable, mixed-use urban districts;

  2. to improve our buildings' energy performance and comfort standards while providing a long-term environmental answer to their life cycle;

  3. to implement sustainability as much as possible within the limits of economic feasibility in order to be profitable.

Resources we deploy therefore are innovation, investment and dialogue with our stakeholders.

The 30³ project

In response to the risks involved by climate change, we decided to scale our environmental ambitions up. This year’s strategic thinking led to a 30% reduction (compared to the 2017 level) of the portfolio’s energy intensity by 2030, to reach 130 kWh/m2.

This objective has been established following the science-based targets methodology, which enabled to objectivise the effort to be made in order to contribute to the global objective of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C. It follows on from the many ESG initiatives we conducted, and is in line with the Paris Agreement concluded at COP21.

This business project will involve not only the office and healthcare real estate segments, but also all activities directly managed within the company such as sales and acquisitions, development, works management and day-to-day property management. Taking into account the entire life cycle of buildings, only a 360-degree approach will enable the Group to achieve the objective set.

We include our activities in a wider framework and have aligned our strategy with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in advance of 2030.