With attention to social developments, Cofinimmo has the mission of making high-quality care, living and working environments available to its partners-tenants, from which users benefit directly. More specifically, Cofinimmo's mission is to:

  1. promote exchanges creating well-being and inspiration in high-quality care, living and working spaces, by providing services that anticipate the needs and aspirations of their occupants;

  2. animate an inspiring work and living environment, serving an exciting business project;

  3. enable its shareholders to make long-term, low-risk and socially responsible investments that generate a recurring, predictable and growing stream of income, fuelling dividends and encouraging a return to the community.

Beyond the stakeholders identified above, the community itself greatly benefits from Cofinimmo's services on a multitude of levels whether in healthcare, the working world or simply in places where people exchange and share. Furthermore, Cofinimmo participates in the enhancement and renovation of public and parapublic property thanks to large-scale projects undertaken in the framework of public-private partnerships.

Cofinimmo's ESG strategy is derived from its mission statement. Being a major real estate player in Europe, Cofinimmo has been committed for more than ten years to a global ESG strategy.

The 30³ project

In response to the risks involved by climate change, Cofinimmo decided to scale its environmental ambitions up. The 2019 strategic thinking led to a 30% reduction (compared to the 2017 level) of the portfolio’s energy intensity by 2030, to reach 130 kWh/m2.

This objective has been established following the science-based targets methodology, which enabled to objectivise the effort to be made in order to contribute to the global objective of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C. It follows on from the many ESG initiatives we conducted, and is in line with the Paris Agreement concluded at COP21.

This business project will involve not only the office and healthcare real estate segments, but also all activities directly managed within the company such as sales and acquisitions, development, works management and day-to-day property management. Taking into account the entire life cycle of buildings, only a 360-degree approach will enable the Group to achieve the objective set.

A sustainable finance framework

In accordance with this sustainability strategy, Cofinimmo intends to pursue a green & social financing policy following the example of its first green & social bond issue in 2016 and its first green & social loan concluded in 2019. In this framework, it issued its first benchmark sustainable bond in november 2020. The proceeds from this issuance will be used to (re)finance assets in accordance with the Cofinimmo Sustainable Finance Framework of May 2020.

17 UN goals to transform our world

Cofinimmo includes its activities in a wider framework and has aligned its strategy with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in advance of 2030.