Our properties

Healthcare real estate


With a portfolio of approximately 1.9 billion EUR spread over 4 countries and comprising nearly 170 facilities and more than 15,000 beds, Cofinimmo is a major investor in healthcare real estate in Continental Europe.

Key figures

  • Share in overall portfolio: 50 %
  • Portfolio fair value: 1.9 billion EUR
  • Occupancy rate: 99 %
  • Average residual lease length: 15 years

Geographical breakdown per country (in %)


Main advantages of healthcare real estate

  • Long-term leases with operators: an initial fixed term of 27 years in Belgium, 12 years in France, 15 years in the Netherlands and 25 years in Germany;
  • The large majority of the leases stating that maintenance costs, including structural maintenance, are the responsibility of the tenant;
  • Rental levels that reflect the economic potential of each project;
  • Properties with redevelopment potential: if the leases are not extended, Cofinimmo can tap the redevelopment potential of the properties to the full, mainly as residential accommodation.